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Friday, February 17th, 2017
2:40 pm
Finally Friday!

Tonight will probably be the same as last night - visit the boyfriend, eat food, veg out, then home to sleep so I don't hurt his arm. Don't think we'll be having a sleepover for a few weeks. Or at least until he gets the new solid cast on it, which I think happens next week.

(Bring It)

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017
11:09 am
Popped in to pat the lad last night. Surgery went well. He should be out this afternoon. I am a silly duffer who forgot to grab his keys, so will need to go and do that at lunchtime so I can go and collect his car to get him home. Almost tempted to just get a taxi, but I might be a smoother driver for the post-operative.

Then have sister's belated birthday dinner, so at least I'll be on the correct side of the city.

Then home for more sleep.

(Bring It)

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017
11:06 am
Sounds like there's been a bit of change on the ship! Three crew out (two with illnesses), so other crew stepping in to replace them.

Looking into Netflix as the lad is going to be laid up for a bit. Probably isn't worth it, considering I don't really get much TV time.

He's in for surgery this afternoon, so will give them a call once I'm finished work and see if he is out. Might do what I did last time and wander over and wait in the nearby pub with a book. Am reading A Cargo of Women at the moment. It's about a ship full of convicts sent out in 1829. It's been out since I was in primary school, but it's quite interesting. I was looking for something relevant after visiting the Female Factory in Hobart. Picked up The Floating Brothel (similar idea), but every page I flipped to was talking about dudes, and I was looking for something about ladies, not dudes.

Am enjoying the A Softer World comics. Nicely depressing.

(Bring It)

Monday, February 13th, 2017
11:06 am
Back from seaCollapse )

The lad picked me up from the airport. Went to dinner, watched Back to the Future, then crashed out. Was nice to have someone warm to snuggle up with after two weeks away.

Back in the office today. Drat. Probably wagging swords tonight, as I'll do the cooking and washing so I am free to look after the lad later in the week (he's got surgery on Tuesday). Also, then I can sleep earlier, which is a great idea.

Am having a look at what other jobs are going around the university. IDK if I want to stay.

(Bring It)

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017
9:01 am
Can't remember the weekend, so it must have been thrilling.

Ah yes, new housemate moved in. All going well so far, though I'm sad I don't have the bathroom to myself anymore. Excited that money is coming in again, though. Should put the rent back into my savings, but am going out for drinks/food with a shipmate instead. Bye, money!

I have SO much to do this week, and am on leave for the two weeks after, so really need to get my arse in gear. Also, Thursday is a public holiday. I'm going to ask if I can leave half an hour early on Friday so I can make it to Docklands in time for the ferry to Portarlington so I can catch Swordcamp.

The next few days are pretty mental. Trying to decide if I go to Portarlington on Thursday or not. I think Zap's right in saying it's a silly plan, and I should rest before going to sea. But then how do I fill the hours of the day between waking up and shanty band? Suppose I could go to some kind of Australia Day/Invasion Day event.

Also need to smuggle the hammock aboard the ship before the captain realises. (He's not a big fan of it) Reminds me - I need to re-learn the appropriate knot for tying it up! Luckily I'll have Eden and Jeff, so they'll be able to set me right if I stuff it up...

(Bring It)

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017
12:14 pm
Had a meeting with the lad last night to work on the housemate applications and perve on houses ourselves.

Heading home tonight to cook up some lunchboxes and clean my house a bit. Might put some things in the oven so I don't need to be in the kitchen, and can be working instead. The rest of the house is pretty much fine for viewing on Thursday.

Dinner with Dad tomorrow night (will pack the Lad), then might head to a session depending on whether I have my house ready for viewing or not. Haven't been to a session for a long time.

This weekend I'll need to get washed and packed for the Hobart trip, as it's then Sword Camp until we have to be aboard.

(Bring It)

Monday, January 16th, 2017
11:56 am
Have put up an ad for new housemates. Have had 5 or 6 responses already, so feeling rather swamped as it's only been up for a few minutes. Preferred one (so far) doesn't want to move for 4 weeks, and I was kind-of hoping to have someone immediately so I don't need to cover the room for another month.

Need to call Jetstar at lunchtime to see if I can cancel my Sydney flights this weekend and use them to subsidise my return from Hobart.

Apparently this season of Sherlock has finished and I haven't seen any of it yet. Might try to get my paws on it this week so that I can watch it next weekend.

Not sailing next weekend, as it's my last weekend off until mid-Feb (sword camp, then going to sea).

Fight Camp schedule has most of my preferred activities on the Friday I will be at work. Pretty annoyed about that. Haven't said anything, as don't want to seem petulant. Whatever.

(Bring It)

Friday, January 13th, 2017
11:04 am
May have impulse-bought unicorn make-up brushes when I am supposed to be saving as much money as possible. Oops.

Tonight is cooking and Johnathan Creek with the lad. HXC.

Tomorrow is cleaning and photo-taking so I can try to get someone into this room ASAP and save my damn finances.

Sunday is getting the ferry to Portarlington, then sailing for Sunday.

Have had to pull out of going up to TaScape. Need to call Jetstar at lunchtime and see if I can use my Sydney flights for a Hobart return flight after sailing the ship down for the wooden boat festival. Doubt it, but may as well give it a try...

(Bring It)

Monday, January 9th, 2017
4:13 pm
Looking at my finances and number of events I have coming up, I think I might need to trim a few activities.

This weekend the ship is in Portarlington for the mussel festival, so I'll probably go along with it. Should only cost me a night out at the pub, which I would have had at home anyway, and a couple of snacks/caffeines. Not too bad.

However, the next weekend I am meant to be in Sydney for the TaScape reunion, but I'm a bit worried that I can't really afford it. I've got my flight booked, but the cost of the hotel, other transport, food, booze, etc will add up quickly. Wouldn't be a problem if I didn't have things on for the next few weeks afterwards.

Weekend after that is Sword Camp, which I haven't paid for accommodation for yet. Food and the occasional booze might add up here.

The next day I am off to sea. Being in Bass Strait is relatively cheap (though I'll have to stock up on kwells, haha), as I can't waste money, but rent and bills etc will still happen whether I am home or not. Then I was going to have a few days to see Hobart (accommodation costs, public transport costs, entry costs, food, drinks with crews from other ships) before flying home (need to buy a flight)

However, on the same weekend I was going to be in Hobart it's also the Scot's Day Out in Bendigo, which we go to with swords. As the boyfriend is having surgery on the Tuesday, this would be my last chance to hang out with him with sort-of-two-working-arms. And, as we'd be in a hotel and buying all the meals (I think breakfast is covered?), will be more money. But probably less than Hobart?

On top of this the car still needs a work, and I really don't know how much that will cost, but as it needed a service, wheel alignment and new tyres already, it's going to be a lot. Need to get that sorted out. Sigh.

Off for drinks with a few crew tonight, then home for a hopefully relatively early night...

(Bring It)

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017
11:30 am
Probably not good to find that I can watch a hell of a lot of Escape To The Country on the internet. If you watch it via their youtube uploads you don't need to suffer through ads like you do if you try to watch it through the Australian tv stations. There are a few little pop-ups, but no irritating video ads.

The Lad is now in for surgery on the 14th, but we have a swords thing on the 10th and 11th. Maybe I'll ditch my Hobart plans and go to that instead.

(Bring It)

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017
5:02 pm
Avoiding work and feeling pretty self-centred, so:

1. How do you get to sleep?
If I am at home, I have podcasts or a tape-book playing. If at the boyfriend's house, I'll usually watch TV until I am tired enough to sneak into bed, as he usually falls asleep earlier than me.

2. When was the last time you cried?
Was pretty wet-eyed in the pub last night, realising I had to go back to work today.

3. What would your last meal be?
Probably devon, cheese and sauce sandwiches. Hashtag Childhood. Or Chicken Puffs.

4. What is your favourite cereal?
Don't really eat it much. Coco Pops remind me of Grandma's house, though...

5. What is the first thing you notice about people?
Whether or not they seem threatening.

6. What are you listening to now?
People in the office working.

7. Do you have a favourite smell?
Old books, rain, a wood fire, for those of you making amortentia...

8. Ideal hideaway?
Probably up a mountain in the rain.

9. If you couldn't live in your country and money was no object, where would you move?
Galway or London.

10. What are your future travel plans?
I'm off to New Zealand for my birthday. Hoping I can afford it!

(Bring It)

12:45 pm
Holidays are over. This makes me sad.

Actually did pretty much nothing during the holidays. Hung out with the lad a lot. Slept a lot. Did a bit of swimming and walked to the Collingwood Children's Farm, but that's about it.

NYE: Went to Helen's earlier in the evening, then back to pick up Marcus to watch the fireworks from the concert hall balcony.

Wrapping up a few things from damn 2016, then on with life in a happier frame of mind.

Byron suggests furnishing the spare room so I can fill it more easily. Isn't a bad idea. Might do so.

(Bring It)

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016
4:12 pm
Nearly Christmas. Hoping to pick up a few more things in the next few days.

I have a few more things I need to get done at work, but have run out of the ability to do them. I just don't seem to be able to force the old brain to do anything any more.

Dinner with Tegan and Sarah tonight, Bella Union tomorrow.

Then drinks and mince pies at a sword friend's place Christmas eve lunchtime and at Jill's for the carols at night.

Really looking forward to the couple of quiet days between christmas and new year, but am sure I'll freak out when they roll around and I have nothing to do...

(Bring It)

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016
3:25 pm
Graded to Pre-Red at swords last night.

Am allowed to use steel in class now! Had a chat to Tim about making my own sword, which might happen over the summer, depending on how disastrous my finances are...

Wheee, my own sword! Then I'll need to learn how to look after it. At least then in the zombie apocalypse I'll have something useable...

Soooooo tired. Need to pop out at lunchtime to pick up dessert for tonight and a greedy santa present for the work xmas party. Might wander through the toy shop and readings to see what I can see.

(Bring It)

Monday, December 12th, 2016
11:41 am
Had a big weekend of socialising.

Weekend ShenannigansCollapse )

So tired today. (As usual. Apparently it's called "being a grown-up"?)

This week is pretty busy - having a crack at pre-Red grading at swords today (eek), dinner with Duncan tomorrow (he wants to cook salmon, which Marcus likes. I will pretend to like it if I can turn up the acting skills), then Ditty Bags on Wednesday, Shanty Thursday, two xmas parties on Friday.

Talking of ditty bags, I need to finish sewing mine by Wednesday. Might need to use lunchtime today and tomorrow and see how I go.

(Bring It)

Thursday, December 8th, 2016
9:58 am - Stuff
So the lad is going to be having his next round of surgery just before I head off to Hobart, so it's no longer Our Big Adventure, but Mine. Ah well, might be easier anyway. Will be a bit sad to not have him around, and I'll feel bad for deserting him when he's all injured, but he's a bit strapping lad, and should get by.

The people Mum had an agreement with for the apartment she was buying are trying to renege. Hopefully we can lawyer them out of it. :(

(Bring It)

Monday, December 5th, 2016
1:14 pm
Had a massive weekend.

Wrestling on Friday night at the Thornbury Theatre. Was nice to see our Ryan Rollins again, as he's been busy in Mexico being Australian Suicide. Also had an awesome Last Woman Standing match.

After that we headed for the Albion to have a drink with the sword gang who had just been on the MMA thing today.

Saturday was a lot of running around getting things organised for the St Andrews First Aid evening.

Sunday was sailing for the first time in awhile. Was nice to see Kevin again. We've decided we're going to have a good time on our trip to Hobart.

Was in bed by 11, but still tired as usual. Whinge.

This week have sword grading, ditty-bag-making, and will need to take Mum out for tea to celebrate her selling her house. Might see if Byron wants to have her to the Kelvin. don't think I have anything booked in for next Saturday until lunchtime. Am going to have an epic sleep-in, methinks!

Need to spend lunchtime doing the online component of sword grading. Sigh.

(Bring It)

Monday, November 28th, 2016
12:49 pm
Monday again. I thought I'd voted against that...

Friday night the lad and I had a drink or 5 with Kat-the-fiddler, then headed home for local take-away.

Saturday we popped to the market for cheese and fruit, then went to Mum's house auction. It got passed in, but a few people have made offers since, so hopefully that will go this week. Took Mum in to see the new place and have a wine, then she headed off and we had some more wines at the arts centre on the way home. I had rather too many wines, and ran amok in the lad's kitchen making a triple dose of two-minute noodles as all the food shops had shut. I think I happily did the usual amount of evening drinking forgetting that I'd had a bottle between 3 and 6, and probably didn't need another bottle. The lad and had a great time talking about important things though - adopted aunties and childhood stuff, and sitting in the outside bit at Barre I got lots of lovely fresh air.

Spent Sunday at Bunnings, then gardening with the lad. We now have basil, mint, chives, tomato, capsicum, strawberries, celery, snow peas and spinach on his balcony/patio area. A lot of it will go to his pet rabbits, of course. We're looking at getting a big crate in so we can do potatoes and carrots and other things that need a bit more depth.

This next week or so is hugely busy, and after that it's December, so we're straight into the Christmas busy season.

Wondering if I can get away with sailing this weekend.

The Lad and I are thinking we'll stop drinking on weekdays for health reasons. In my case it's also for financial reasons. Anyway, I am horribly fat right now (she says, whilst drinking a V), which is making me easily tired and not doing my self-esteem any good. It was a very boozy weekend - if I look back at this last weekend, I probably had 25 - 30 standard drinks, which is at least 11,000 kilojoules of booze. Don't usually have quite such a boozy weekend, but it is no wonder I am a fatty (and was hungover on Sunday morning).

I had half-decided not to go to TaScape. I just can't afford it, and am away for the three weeks after that as well, so will want some At Home time. Doubt I can do much about the flights (They were cheap anyway), but should be able to sell the hotel room on to another person. Though now that I'm looking at my flights I am thinking maybe I will. Might put off cancelling it at this stage.

(Bring It)

Monday, November 21st, 2016
10:10 am - Tough Mudder
Did Tough Mudder on Saturday. Had to miss ZP as I wasn't game to be up until 1 or 2 when I had to be up at 6 for something that scary.

I've run 17km before (back when I was much healthier), but this was all hills and obstacles. My poor ankles are very sore from running on weird angles (there wasn't any nice flat path in the entire thing, and running lumpy grass and on hillsides with diagonal feet is not fun). At about the 6k mark I had my first ever real (thankfully brief) cannot-breathe asthma attack, which was scary. It cheered up, luckily. Some of the obstacles were quite fun. Some weren't. Skipped a couple, but did most of them. We all finished alive.

Byron was very sweet with the babysitting yesterday. Was in a lot of pain last night. Today is still pretty bad. Don't know if I'll go again next year. Might.

Will go to swords tonight, but don't know how much I'll be able to do, or how late I might stay. It's going to be 38 degrees, so it will probably not be much fun in the crossfit shed...

(Bring It)

Friday, November 11th, 2016
11:57 am
Got chewed on by mozzies in the last couple of days. Didn't sleep well last night because was made entirely of chomp-itch.

Just came back from the university Remembrance Day function. Didn't think it was particularly appropriate to have prayers in it. Feel that university functions should be secular. Hmm. Bugler wasn't bad, though.

Forgot my swipe card for the office today, so I'm that loser who can't leave the room. Woe.

(Bring It)

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