Lisana Terel (lisanaterel) wrote,
Lisana Terel

Trip wasn't too bad. Weather wasn't too much of an issue.
Left 10pm on Monday to get to Deal Island 4.30am on Wednesday morning. Was a bit lumpy and bumpy, but just usual Bass Strait, not misery.

Had a nice morning on Deal Island. Had a cuppa with the current keepers, then sat in the forest and listened to the cicadas, then sat on a rock and listened to a podcast. Sue and Peter are really taken with the idea of taking over there for a bit.

Left and made a dash for Flinders Island before Bass Strait got too lumpy. Hit Banks Strait about 2am 2 Feb trying to get across before the westerly swell got up too much. Was exciting helming in the bad weather from 3 - 6am, which I hogged. Off watch at 6am, cleared the straight about 8am and headed down to Wineglass Bay for the evening.

Stayed there overnight, then headed to Riedle Bay on Maria Island. Were there overnight (had a swim in lieu of a shower, passengers had a walk), then were up at 5am to get to Port Arthur at midday. Had an interesting afternoon at Port Arthur - really enjoyed some of the old buildings, though it was a bit warm. Apparently it was a relatively quiet day as tourists opt for Salamanca Market instead of Port Arthur.

Left Port Arthur at 5am and arrived at Adventure Bay at 10am. Sent passengers ashore for showers. Called the boyfriend, as I had reception for the first time in ages. Stayed overnight and headed to Kettering. Managed to squash my left hand on the way in.

Popped in to the pub, then anchored in Barnes Bay overnight.

Headed in to Hobart the next day.

In Hobart did the following tourist activities:
Mawson's Hut
Female Factory
Tourist Bus
Maritime Museum (Interesting video on whaling here)
Pirate Shop (now closed)
MONA (Liked one thing particularly, but wasn't too keen on all the mummies)
New Norfolk Antique Shop
Salamanca Market
Antique Fair

Also met Marcus' cousin and his partner.

The lad picked me up from the airport. Went to dinner, watched Back to the Future, then crashed out. Was nice to have someone warm to snuggle up with after two weeks away.

Back in the office today. Drat. Probably wagging swords tonight, as I'll do the cooking and washing so I am free to look after the lad later in the week (he's got surgery on Tuesday). Also, then I can sleep earlier, which is a great idea.

Am having a look at what other jobs are going around the university. IDK if I want to stay.
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