Lisana Terel (lisanaterel) wrote,
Lisana Terel

Had a big weekend of socialising.

Friday night was Tripod. It was quite nice - all the usual songs, plus their Assassins Creed song. Xani sings now, which is cool.

Saturday night was an appearance at Mark's Christmas BBQ, then zooming off to St Kilda for Nick's surprise birthday party.

Sunday was lunch at the Cree's, then dinner with Marcus' legal team and their kids. We got stuck on the Westgate bridge for 90 minutes on the way home, which was infuriating, as there was no signage on the way up there. Roar.

So tired today. (As usual. Apparently it's called "being a grown-up"?)

This week is pretty busy - having a crack at pre-Red grading at swords today (eek), dinner with Duncan tomorrow (he wants to cook salmon, which Marcus likes. I will pretend to like it if I can turn up the acting skills), then Ditty Bags on Wednesday, Shanty Thursday, two xmas parties on Friday.

Talking of ditty bags, I need to finish sewing mine by Wednesday. Might need to use lunchtime today and tomorrow and see how I go.
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